Mackline and Anisha

Mackline and Anisha
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick Update

This past Saturday we enjoyed the best Skype connection yet from the Bazaar craft fair at Saint John High School. Our Ugandan orphans sang to us, heard our choir sing carols, waved at people as the laptop was walked up and down the halls, watched their first cartoon ever (Frosty the Snowman), and even watched a bit of a basketball game. Of course, in all the excitement of Skyping and selling, I didn't get any video of the event! So instead I will simply direct you to my favourite video of the orphans, filmed by Cory Richardson when he was there last winter. (Search "Cory" "Uganda" "Dance" on YouTube) - I had trouble posting the link here. :(

I will be sure to do better with documenting events in the future.

On the update front: - We are scheduled to break ground on the chicken coop this Friday. - The dorm should have windows and doors by next week. - So far 7 bed certificates (see below) have been purchased. A great holiday gift! Of course, this blog is only a bare bones version of our home base on facebook, so look for us at CHAT To The Future. Thanks!

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